Binks, eng.


Is registered under the name of LP1 DKUCH DKKV-12 Engine Uncle Fester.

He is an astonishing red miniature male.

Born 2009-11-08

Regnr S66086/2009


Eligible to start in elit workingclass (highest) of human tracking. Intend to start during fall 2015.

Diploma in (LP) in obedience-class 1.

Competing in agility-class 3, and took first ”SM-pinne” at his debut.

Shows – he is DKUCH, has one CAC in Germany, and a total of 6 CACIBs.      Miniaturepoodle grey/apricote/red of the year 2012, in Denmark.

Only 9 months old, Binks went BIS, at an inofficial show in Malmö. Since summer 2012, he is trimmed and showed in Continental style, in which he also won his last CACs. In late spring 2013, he was trimmed in short style, more sporty and suitable to his new life!

Eyes tested PRCD-B.

Eyes last checked march 2012 & march 2015 – ok.

Hips B. Patella 0/0.  Correct bite.

Swedish Mentaltest was done at the young age of 14 months – above all expectations! Binks is social and full of energy. He ran gladly 40m, trying to catch the cloth-toy. Also, he is largely curios – and did not hesitate to find out more about the hidden man, trying to play with him. Though all energy, he set easily down when nothing happened. He had to tell the overall, who is the boss in these woods – loudly – and when checked, Binks decided that it was nothing after all. The loud metal-sound test – did not impress him at all – Binks stood up onto the chains in less than a couple of seconds. Then again, he had to ‘sing loudly’ to the ghosts. And the last test of 4 gun-shots – he did not react at all! This concludes Binks into a mentally stabil male, with a good portion of curiosity and energy and that stands his grounds when needed. A strong male.  Everything was filmed, and is linked via my Gallery.

If you ask Binks – he is definitely the center of universe. He is active and loves all kind of training, but has also integrity and intelligens. He is incredibly fast, almost that he manages to run past my kelpie Gorm.

Up until today, he is trained in human-tracking which is different from blood-tracking, much less scent. In sept 2011, he won high scores in beginners class, in nov 2013 another high scores in lower class, and we are now ready for a start in advanced class. He has a strong nose, and tracks very accurate, leaving absolutely nothing behind. I also have trained him i human-seeking, whick means finding hidden people in the woods when there are no tracks to follow. He loves this new play, but due to my lack of sparetime – we are now pausing this sport. We also competed in obedience. We compete in agility, and will be ready to start in class 3, during 2015.

Relatives with achievements:

Father Chili – is a multichamp in Shows – dark apricote dwarf, see link for more info

Mother Keya – is competing with honor in Agility class 3, and Obedience class 3 – apricote miniature, see link for more info.

Brother Sam – is a multichamp in Shows, has a diploma in Obedience class 1 – and is trained in tracking and agility – apricote miniature. See link for more info.

Personal about Binks:

– loves swimming in our pool, and as he is self-learned how to use the ladder, we have some difficulties in keeping him out..

– grabs nearest shoe and grunts while carrying it, when family comes home

– will shred his cage-bed to pieces, if I let Gorm out of the car before him

– sleeps in my bed, tight to my knee

– and gets a lot longer neck – when beautiful dog-ladies walks by…

Binks, 7 months, human tracking

Binks, 1½yrs, human seeking

Binks, 2½yrs, agility

Binks, 2½år, in SecondPuppy

Binks, 2½år, in Continental



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